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Ashura Real islam True islam Shia muslim Day of ashura Imam hussain Imam hosayn


when is ashura 2015?

Ashura in year 2015 is on Saturday, the 24th of Oct..

The day of Ashura is the 10th day of Muharram which is the first month of Islamic calender.

Ashura is always on the same day in the Islamic calendar but it is not in the Georgian calender because of the difference between these two calenders.

Ashura marks the day in which prophet Muhammad’s grandson, Imam Husayn, and all 72 of his companions were violently martyred more than 14 centuries ago in Karbala. They all sacrifice what they have to save Islam from utter distortion and destruction. Thus every year on the day of Ashura, millions of mourners commemorate their martyrdom anniversary to memorize what Imam Husayn (PBUH) taught us: He taught us all how to stand up and resist oppression, monarchy, Shimrs, Yazids and Ibn Ziads of the the present time, the current age.



Who is Hussain?

Hussain was born in 620 AD to a family famed for their values of equality, love and peace. Raised by his grandfather Prophet Muhammad (PBUH & HF - the last prophet of Islam). Hussain was a figure known for his integrity, generosity of spirit and blindness to colour, social class and personal beliefs. It was for this reason that people flocked to him and his family.
A man of love, compassion and integrity. Despite cultural expectations of him as the prince of his tribe, Hussain would always be seen talking to all members of society. He broke all cultural moulds. He brought people together and helped where he could. A celebrated example was when he and his brother Hassan cared tirelessly for a poor blind man they came upon in their city, in spite of traditional social expectations.
A breaking society. Not long after the passing of Muhammad SAW, the leadership of the vast Arab Empire had fallen into the hands of the corrupt. The morality that Muhammad SAW had spent his life instilling into society was slowly eradicated as the new ruler, Yazid, from the Ummayad dynasty was hell-bent on gaining complete control. 
Hussain knew something had to be done. Hussain witnessed the fundamental human rights of his fellow citizens being usurped. He knew something had to be done. Yazid knew nothing of morality or common humanity, and ruled with an iron fist. He demanded Hussain pay him an oath of allegiance, to lend credibility to his brutal rule.
It was now that Hussain faced his dilemma… Should he give his oath of allegiance to a vicious despot – and stand aside as he people around him were being oppressed? Or should he take a stand and risk great personal loss? The timeless words of his grandfather echoed in his heart and Hussain knew what to do:
“The greatest stand is to speak the word of truth in the face of a tyrant.”
Hussain’s sacrifice. Hussain chose to make a stand against Yazid. He chose to take what was the macrocosm of his life and demonstrate it in a single act of extraordinary devotion. In 680 AD, on the deserts of modern day Iraq and against an army of 30,000, Hussain stood and fell to defend those around him being oppressed. What’s all the more extraordinary is Hussain chose to rise up against this mammoth army despite having only 72 followers.
Through this heroic act of sacrifice, he inspired millions around the world. From people who volunteer at their local charities to civil rights leaders like Gandhi, inspired by his selflessness, Hussain’s legacy of compassion and integrity live on


Ashura Real islam True islam Shia muslim Day of ashura Imam hussain Imam hosayn

Why Imam Hussain pbuh is not forgotten?

The one whose martyrdom, grief, pain, sorrows and children"s captivity were all only for God will never fade out of the memories. Instead, by the pace of time and age his love, fascination, and charm will grow in the hearts of people. And each year the love and fascination of the people with respect to that "pure and chaste revolutionary" increases. Imaam Hussain (A.S.) spent 57 years of his prolific life for the sake of God"s love and God"s search. Many times he traveled, to the God"s house for pilgrimage, on foot. He was very fond of prayers confessions and supplication talking intimately. So far so, that on the last night of his life, he asked for respite only that he might sit all alone and make confessions and supplications, to his God.
One of his companions said about Arafat prayers and supplications of Imam Hussain (A.S.). On the 10th day of the month of Zil Hijj Imam Hussain (A.S.) stood in the burning and scorching desert of Arafat facing Holy Ka’bah and prayed with painful and aching heart,
Oh God! I turn my face towards you (focus my attention) and give evidence about your being God. O God! You created me and continuously remained along with me and provided me with sustenance and livelihood with several kinds of blessings and bounties. Praise is for the God; nothing can change whose desire and stop His munificence and generosity.
Oh God adjudge and fix in my soul the independence and freedom from desires and faith and confidence in my heart, and sincerity in my practice and light in my vision and awareness in my religion.

Ashura Real islam True islam Shia muslim Day of ashura Imam hussain Imam hosayn

Who is Holy Ali Asghar?

He was the infant of Imam Husayn(the third Shia Imam)and Holy Rubab.
In the event of Karbala when Imam Husayn saw his companions and friends were martyred and nobody is ther.
He decided to enter the battle and said:
Is there anybody to defend the family of God`s prophet?
Is there any worshiper of God to fear of the Lord?
Is there anyone to help us for God?
Imam Husayn went next to the tent."please give me my infant. I want to tell him goodbye too" He said his sister;Zainab.
Zainab s.a gave him the baby. Ali Asghar was thirsty and hungry.
Imam Husayn was a man of great love and compassion.
He wanted to kiss the baby that suddenly he was shot by an arrow.
One of the enemies shot an arrow that pierced his throat.
He took his hands under his throat. He filled his hands with his blood and threw it to the sky.
No drops of his blood fell down on the ground.
The first Friday of Muharram
In more than 3500 places around the world and Iran,
Mothers mourn for the martyr infant (Ali Asghar ) of Karbala ,
along with their infants.
This ceremony is called the global day of Ali Asghar.
Daesh militants who are the enemies of Imam Husayn
have killed Muslims ,including women and children.

Who is abbas pbuh?

Hazrat Abbas was the son of Hazrat Ali Ibne Abi Talib. His mother"s name was Fatima, who was also known as "Ummul Banin".
Hazrat Abbas was born in Medina on 7th Rajab 26 A.H.
Hazrat Abbas was a towering and handsome personality. His dauntless courage, supreme confidence and unflinching loyalty earned him many titles. He was called "Qamar-e-Bani Hashim" (the moon of the Hashemites), because of his imposing appearance.
His remarkable horsemanship made him "Syed-ul-Forosan" (the chief of horseman). His ability to lead people resulted in his being called "Rais-ul-Shujan" (the leader of the valiant), and the manner in which he sacrificed his life earned him the title "Afzal-ul-Shohada" (the choicest of the martyrs) and "Saqqa" (water carrier), because he sacrificed his life in an effort to procure water for Imam Hussain"s children in the tragic battle of Kerbala. He fully lived up to his name Abbas, which in Arabic stands for Lion.
Hazrat Ali, who himself was known as the "Lion of God", brought up Hazrat Abbas and ably guided him until he was fourteen years old. The next ten years of Hazrat Abbas"s life were spent under the careful eye of Imam Hasan, and the last ten years with Imam Hussain.
He stayed beside Imam Hussain ever since they left Medina and he was loved by all the members of the Imam"s family. He was so devoted to Imam Hussain, that when Shimr Ibne Ziljoshan, the second in command of Yazid"s army came towards Imam Hussain and called out: "Where are my nephews, Abbas, Abdullah, Jafar and Utman?" Hazrat Abbas refused to even reply. It was only after Imam Hussain told him: "Answer him, because, despite the fact that he is corrupt, he is one of your relations", that Hazrat Abbas asked Shimr what he wanted. Shimr replied: "O my nephews I have specially asked Obaidullah Ibne Zaid for the safety of you all. So why do you wish to kill yourselves with Hussain? Why do you not join the forces of the mighty Yazid?"
Hazrat Abbas looked at him with contempt and retorted, "May Allah"s wrath fall upon you and your proposition, O enemy of God! How dare you counsel us to desert our master, Imam Hussain and tie ourselves up with with the corrupt and misguided Yazid?" Shimr turned around and went away angrily.
At length the battle started and the companions of Imam Hussain, heavily outnumbered by the enemy, began to fall. The three brothers of Hazrat Abbas: Abdullah, Jafar and Uthman, as well as Hazrat Abbas"s two sons, Fazl and Qasim, fought with rare gallantry before being killed.
The cries of water raised by the children in Imam Hussain"s camp on the day of Ashura, deeply grieved Hazrat Abbas. After taking permission from Imam Hussain, he took the empty water-bay of Janab-e-Sukaina, the daughter of Imam Hussain, and rode towards the river Euphrates. Cutting through the rank and file of Yazid"s army, he rushed to the bank of the river, filled the bag with water, and started towards the camp. Yazid"s army encircled the gallant Hazrat Abbas. He kept the water-bag in one hand and started fighting with the other. When both his hands were severed, he gripped the water-bag strap with his teeth. The severe blow from a mace on his head shook him badly and he fell off is horse and called out to Imam Hussain. Imam Hussain reached him with great difficulty, and placed his head on his lap. Hazrat Abbas then opened his eyes to cast a last look on the Holy Imam"s face and breathed his last.









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